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I am currently working at NW Pathology in Bellingham, WA, where I oversee the Histology, IHC, and PCR departments. NWP is the leading provider of anatomic pathology services in NW Washington State and parts of SE Alaska. Prior to working at NWP, I worked for six years at PhenoPath Laboratories in Seattle, WA, where I oversaw the Histology and IHC departments. PhenoPath is a specialty pathology practice and reference laboratory that provides diagnostic and CRO services to pathology, oncology, hospital, biopharmaceutical, and research institutions. I have been in the field of histology for 12 years now and have had the privilege of working the bench, as well as managing departments, and many times trying to juggle both. I also have had the privilege of being a part of CAP inspections, which has made me appreciate the fact that many labs are doing a good job but there is always room for improvement. I have an insatiable appetite for improving processes and bringing the best possible care to each patient with the quickest TAT, all the while maintaining the highest quality possible.