Provide Contact Hours

Approval Process


Approval of educational programs by NSH requires the submission of an Application for Approval of Contact Hours from the sponsoring organization and all required supporting documentation. The program application must be signed by a representative of the sponsoring organization who agrees to be the education coordinator for the meeting and comply with the NSH Provider Guidelines.


You must submit program information 21 days prior to your meeting. This will allow time for the approval process and for the office to assign CEU numbers. Applications received later than 21 days prior may not qualify for CEU approval.

Please Note: Applications for CEUs submitted after the program date will not be approved.


The education coordinator will receive all materials including a sign in roster template, session evaluation forms, attendee contact hour tracking sheets (if applicable), speaker certificates (if applicable) and an invoice prior to the meeting. All deadlines for the return of materials (sign in roster and evaluation forms) must be met for contact hours to be valid. If materials are returned past the stated deadline contact hour approval may be revoked and fees will not be refunded.

These items will be emailed to the education coordinator approximately two weeks before the meeting.



All CEU records are maintained through the NSH Contact Hour Portal, Both members and nonmembers of NSH can access their education records through the portal. Following the event attendees log into the Contact Hour Portal and self report the sessions they attended. Attendees can then print their CEU certificates immediately. NSH will also provide text for an email that can be sent to all attendees following the meeting explaining how to report their hours.

Provider Badge

Approved Contact Hour Providers will be provided a provider badge for marketing events.  

Sample Badge

2020 Provider Badge