NSH Elections

2020 Staggered Elections

In September of 2019, the NSH House of Delegates approved an amendment to the bylaws, introducing a new election system. Beginning in 2020, elections will be held annually on a three-year staggered basis. In 2020, NSH will be electing the following positions: 

  • President Elect
  • Speaker of the House*
  • Directors for Regions II, III, IX 

*The Speaker of the House will be elected at the 2020 House of Delegates Meeting October 20 in Reno, NV. 

Region VII Special Election

The current Region VII Director has resigned. We are accepting nominations to fill this role through the remainder of her term, ending December 31, 2022. The Special Election will be held at the same time as the scheduled 2020 Election. 

Timeline & Due Dates

01.13.2020:        Call for Nominations Opens

03.15.2020:        Deadline to Receive Nominations

04.20.2020:        Voting Opens via Electronic Ballot

05.04.2020:        Voting closes at 11:59 pm Pacific Time

05.07.2020:        Election Results announced to NSH Membership.

The election will be conducted by a third party vendor. Members will receive an electronic ballot via email from the vendor. Candidate profiles will be available to view on The Block prior to the opening of voting. 

NSH Vote image with a ballot being put in the vote box

Submit a Nomination

Nominations for the 2020 election are now open. All nominations must be typed and submitted via the election form. Handwritten nominations will not be accepted. Nominations close March 15th. 

Position Descriptions

Before submitting a nomination for an elected position, please review the position's description.