NSH Elections

2020 Election Results

The results for the 2020 NSH Election are in.  

President Elect                 Hector Hernandez

Region II                              Michelle Hart

Region III                             Sue Clark

Region VII                            Andre Zamorano

Region IX                             Nadia Gale

2020 Speaker of the House Election

**This year due to the Symposium/Convention being held virtually, the House of Delegates Meeting will be held virtually as well. Click here to read a memo about this change. **

This year we will elect the Speaker of the House at the 2020 House of Delegates Meeting.  Nominations of candidates for this position will be solicited during the meeting and elections will be held as per the Bylaws.  As in the 2018 Election, if a NSH member from within your region or state is interested in being nominated as the Speaker, they should complete the candidate information form and submit to the Speaker, HOD Secretary, and the Executive Director (sharon@nsh.org) by August 20, 2020.  This form is not necessary for the other House positions that are to be elected.  Please note, submission of the candidate information form is not a nomination. Each candidate must still be nominated by a delegate within the House meeting. Candidates can be nominated without pre-submission of the candidate information form and all candidates will still be given the opportunity to address the HOD delegates to provide a personal statement. Read the entire 2020 HOD Memo from Speaker of the House, Joanna Barton, here. 

NSH Vote image with a ballot being put in the vote box

Position Descriptions

Before submitting a nomination for an elected position, please review the position's description.