NSH Elections

2024 NSH Election

NSH will only accept the forms below for nominations. Incumbent Board members and Committee Chairs must also complete the nomination form. Please be sure to review the volunteer position descriptions for eligibility requirements as well as what to expect if elected to a volunteer leadership position. 

All elected positions will take office on January 1, 2025.

NSH will elect the following Board Members 

NSH will elect the following Committee Members

  • Governance Committee Member  (Word  PDF)
  • Audit Committee Chair (Word   PDF)

Completed nomination forms and required documents should be emailed to histo@nsh.org no later than March 29, 2024.  

Election Timeline 

03.01.24:   Nominations Open
03.29.24:   Nominations Deadline
04.2024:    Nominee Interviews Conducted
05.17.24:   Voting Opens
06.07.24:   Voting Closes at 11.59 pm Pacific Time
06.14.24:   Elections Results Shared with NSH Members

NSH Vote image with a ballot being put in the vote box

Position Descriptions

Before submitting a nomination for an elected position, please review the position's description.