Get Involved with NSH!

Volunteer Opportunities at NSH

At NSH we depend on our volunteers as subject matter experts, to help us create resources, promote the Society, and advocate for the profession. Volunteers contribute to the tools you use on The Block, the webinars you view on, and the events like Histology Professionals Day that celebrate Histotechnology. We are always searching for histotechs interested in getting involved! You can pick a micro-volunteering opportunity with a limited time frame, commit to joining a committee, or speak with us about other ways to engage with NSH. There are opportunities available to fit every level of availability and experience.

Micro-volunteering Opportunities

We are searching for microvolunteers interested in contributing to two small projects this month.

Share your holiday photos!
NSH is looking for holiday themed photos to include in our holiday photo montage! Send us photos of your work team in their holiday garb, your family spreading holiday cheer, or even just some great decorations or themed slides from your lab. We want to see how you're celebrating this season! Submit your photos here

How Histologists Impact Patient Care
Histotechs are saving lives one slide at a time, and NSH would like to make your contributions visible! If you have a story from a patient, or a time when you were able to see the impact of your work, we would love for you to share it with us! Submit your story here

Join a Committee

NSH is seeking volunteers for our committees! Joining a committee is an on-going commitment. You’ll be asked to participate throughout the year on committee calls, and contribute regularly to projects such as developing resources for The Block, grading scholarship applications, or planning NSH events. Click here for a list of committees.  

Committee Chair: LaVinia Ray
Mary_Abbuhl.jpgBudget and Finance
Committee Chair: Mary Abbuhl
Committee Chair: Konnie Zeitner

Committee Chair: Jennifer Harvey

Committee Chair: Traci DeGeer

scott_hooten.jpgHard Tissue
Committee Chair: Scott Hooten

Committee Chair: Anna Hughes

Committee Chair: Amanda Kelley

Committee Chair: Clare Thornton

monty_hyten.jpgPublic Relations
Committee Chair: Monty Hyten

kathy_dwyer.jpgQuality Management
Committee Chair: Kathy Dwyer

Committee Chair: David Krull

Educator's Task Force
Task Force Chair: Debbie Wood

Journal of Histotechnology Editor: Gayle Callis

Governance Review Task Force
Task Force Chair: Judi Stasko


Committee Chair: Jenny Bull

angela_mcnabola.jpgHealth and Safety
Committee Chair: Angela McNabola

jane_parr.jpgNominations & Election
Committee Chair: Jane Parr

NSH_Portraits_3-0998.jpgDigital Pathology Certificate Workgroup
Task Force Chair: Liz Chlipala

Strategic Planning Task Force

Task Force Chair: Jean Mitchell