Histotechnology Professionals Day: A Decade Later

On March 10, 2010, The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) announced the inaugural celebration of an annual Histotechnology Professionals Day; a day dedicated to raising awareness about the field of Histotechnology. Much has changed in the last decade, but one thing that has stayed the same, is the dedication of the individuals in the histology profession. This year we are celebrating these individuals and a decade of progress by asking our histology community to participate in a virtual time capsule, documenting what life in histology is like in 2020, and where we see the profession going by 2030.  

Contribute to the Virtual Time Capsule

What is the Virtual Time Capsule?
NSH's HPD Virtual Time Capsule is a collection of articles, photos, and videos submitted by the histology community, documenting what their life in 2020 is like, and what they predict for the future of the profession. Submissions are available to view on the NSH website up through March 10th, 2020. After this date, they will be taken down, compiled, and "locked away" until 2030 when they will be released for the future members of NSH to see. 

How Do I Contribute to the Time Capsule?
To contribute to the time capsule, determine what you would like to submit. Photos, audio recordings, and videos are perfect. We will also accept short written documents. Submissions should demonstrate what your life in histology is currently like and/or make predictions about histology in the future. Upload submissions using this upload form or email to

Social Media

You can also share your virtual time capsule submissions and Histology Professionals Day celebrations on social media; NSH's Histology Professionals Facebook Page, to Twitter and Instagram, and of course, The Block, NSH's member community. 

Here's some hashtags you can use to share the histo-love on HPD: #HPD, #histology, #NSH, #histotech, #science, #ihearthisto and feel free to tag us on Twitter and Instagram: @ns4histotech

Celebrate in Your Community

HPD is all about raising awareness for the profession. Here are a few ways you can celebrate in your community, to let them know what we're all about: 

  • Participate in career days at the local high schools and community colleges 
  • Send the local newspaper a press release regarding Histotechnology Professionals Day. If you have events planned, be sure to highlight them.
  • Petition the local government to get Histotechnology Professionals Day recognized with a proclamation. 

HPD Celebration Resources

Visit the Histotechnology Professionals Day celebration resources page for proclamation, press release, elevator speech, and HPD toolkit resources: 

HPD Resources


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