Histotechnology Professionals Day

On March 10, 2010, The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) announced the inaugural celebration of an annual Histotechnology Professionals Day; a day dedicated to raising awareness about the field of Histotechnology. Much has changed in the last decade, but one thing that has stayed the same, is the dedication of the individuals in the histology profession. 

Art of the Stain Contest

Every year NSH holds an Art of the Stain Contest, celebrating the combination of art and science that is histotechnology. Use this Google Form to submit your stain. The deadline for submissions is March 8th. NSH members will vote to determine the winner of the contest, which will be announced on March 10th. The winning stain will be featured as the HPD logo for 2022 and the submitter will receive a free NSH membership. By submitting, you grant NSH permission to use your submitted stain. Each individual may only submit a maximum of 2 images to the contest. 

If you have trouble submitting your stain via the form, please email it to

HPD Happy Hour 2021

This year on March 10th, NSH will be hosting a virtual happy hour via Zoom. This is a great opportunity to get together with fellow members in a virtual environment and share your HPD celebration with fellow techs from around the world.  This event is free to attend for NSH members, but you must be registered. Click here to register

Social Media

Share your Histology Professionals Day celebrations on social media; NSH's Histology Professionals Facebook Page, to Twitter and Instagram, and of course, The Block, NSH's member community. 

Here's some hashtags you can use to share the histo-love on HPD: #HPD, #histology, #NSH, #histotech, #science, #ihearthisto and feel free to tag us on Twitter and Instagram: @ns4histotech

HPD Celebration Resources

Visit the Histotechnology Professionals Day celebration resources page for proclamation, press release, elevator speech, and HPD toolkit resources: 

HPD Resources

NSH Marketplace

This year, HPD t-shirts will be sold through NSH's CafePress store. You can purchase t-shirts, plus other HPD logo items, including magnets, masks, waterbottles, and more, on NSH's marketplace.