Member FAQs

Member FAQs

How do I access my free contact hours?

NSH members have the opportunity to earn free 6 CEUs a year. There is a new CEU opportunity posted every quarter on the NSH website. You must be logged in to view them.

How do I keep track of my CEUs?

Your continuing education hours are tracked in the Contact Hour Portal, Events attended through NSH, such as the Symposium/Convention are added for you. Other non-NSH events, such as state meetings must be self-reported using the event dropdown menu under session tracker. You can print certificates from the Contact Hour Portal, however NSH does not send your contact hours to ASCP. You are responsible for providing them if documentation is requested.

How do I access the Contact Hour Portal?

You can access the Contact Hour Portal here: . There are two sides to the login page, a login side and a not yet registered side. If you already have an account, use the login side. Please note, that your login may be different than your NSH membership account. If you do not have an account, use the not yet registered side. It will ask you for a customer ID number. If you enter your customer ID number and get the message, “This customer ID already has an active account”, go back and use the login side. If you don’t know your login, call 443-535-4060.

What is The Block?

The Block is NSH’s member community. It includes an Open Forum where you can post questions and receive real time advice from other members for troubleshooting, etc. It also is home to NSH’s extensive library of resources, including checklists, guides, sample SOPs, archived webinars, as well as an Image Bank and Antibody Database. You can access The Block for free as an NSH member, using the same login as you use to login to your NSH membership account.

What is my NSH customer ID number?

Your customer ID number is used by NSH to track your CEUs. It is a number beginning with 0’s and ending in a capital letter I. You can find your customer ID number on your membership card, or by logging into your NSH account. You can also call the NSH office at 443-535-4060 if you can’t find your number. Your customer ID number is not the same as your ASCP registry number.

How do I qualify for member pricing?

Your NSH customer ID number is also used to determine the rates you qualify for when purchasing registration for NSH events and webinars. When purchasing a course on NSH’s Online Learning Center, there is a field to enter your customer ID to check for member pricing. You will do this prior to adding the item to your cart. Please note that there is a delay between purchasing your membership and qualifying for member pricing on the Online Learning Center. If you do not qualify for member pricing and you have purchased a membership, contact the NSH office at 443-535-4060.

How do I access the online version of the Journal of Histotechnology?

You can find information about JOH under the Learn tab of the NSH website on the menu item, Publications. You can also access by logging into The Block and clicking on publications. From either page, click on the link to login to your NSH account, and click Journal Online. This will take you to the Taylor & Francis website where you can access the Journal archives.

How do I pay retired or student dues online?

You cannot pay retired or student dues online. To switch your member status to retired, or pay retired dues, please call the NSH office at 443-535-4060 or send a check. Student members must send a completed membership form via email, mail, or fax.

Which mailing address should I use for NSH?

For all payments, please use PO Box 75914, Baltimore MD 21275. For correspondence, please use 3545 Ellicott Mills Dr., Ellicott City, MD 21043.