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Spotlight on Histotechs 

Step into the spotlight of achievement with the NSH's exclusive Awards and Scholarship Program—celebrate colleagues and earn money for career advancement.

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Celebrate Histotechnology Professionals Day 

On March 10th make plans to raise awareness about the field of Histotechnology and celebrate your contributions to patient care. Check out NSH contests & resources!

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February Lab Webinar

The Histologist’s Role in the Metaplastic Mixture of Barrett’s Esophagus
February 28 at 1pm 

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Empowering the Profession of Histotechnology.

Fixation on Histology Blog

  • Frank Walsh, a tech in the immunostains lab at the Mayo Clinic, had a mystery on his hands: The Mayo Clinic’s slides had problems with HER2 and no one knew what the issue was or what to do about it. Walsh and his colleagues launched ...

  • You have worked hard, paid your dues, and that coveted leadership position has finally come your way. After the initial euphoria has worn off, you realize that you’re in over your head… Does this scenario sound familiar to you? ...

  • Whether you're a seasoned histotech or a newbie, we've all been there – those moments when your samples just don't quite fix the way they should. But fear not, because here are some tips to help you sail through those rough waters ...

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