National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

April 21-27, 2019

National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (NMLPW) is an annual celebration of the medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in every aspect of health care. NSH and other medical organizations wanted to show our support and gratitude for the hard work laboratory professionals do. Lab Professionals Week is held annually during the last full week of April.

NMLPW is a time for medical laboratory personnel to celebrate their professionalism and be recognized for their efforts. Another goal is to inform and educate medical colleagues and the public about the medical laboratory and the impact of having these dedicated skilled professionals has on the overall patient care. Since lab techs often work behind the scenes, few people know much about the critical testing they perform every day.

"How I Got Into Histology" Contest

Everyone in histology has a unique story of how they entered the profession and fell in love. We want to hear yours! To celebrate Laboratory Professionals Week, April 21-27, NSH is seeking submissions for our “How I Got into Histology” Contest. Submitted stories will be featured on NSH’s website, and published on NSH’s blog, Fixation on Histology. During Lab Week, NSH members will be able to vote for their favorite “How I got Into Histology” story. The winning story will be included in the May edition of NSH In Action and the author will receive a free NSH membership.

To submit your story, visit and upload your story in Word Doc format, as well as a picture of yourself for inclusion with your story. The deadline for submissions is April 19th.

Read the story submissions!

Download the official Medical Laboratory Professionals Week logo for use in your lab celebrations: