Student Membership

NSH Student Membership

Supplement your classroom learning with an NSH Student Membership. For only $40 per year eligible students from NAACLS-approved HT/HTL programs can begin their career with access to unique and innovative tools, opportunities, and important connections. Gain knowledge from experienced members of the NSH community. Discover career opportunities that you may not know exist. Develop new skills to increase your employment options.

Key Benefits for Student Members

Education discounts: To add to your classroom knowledge, discounts on our popular and informative HT/HTL Test Prep courses are available to student members

Expand your network: Utilize The Block to make important connections and expand your network; you also have access to the member directory where you can interact with other histology members and/or find mentors. 

Help defray your costs: Apply for an NSH scholarship which you can use to help pay for tuition, books, or to attend the NSH Annual Convention

Leadership opportunities: Micro-volunteering opportunities allow you to build your CV/resume and develop important leadership skills

Who Should Join?

Any student who is enrolled in a NAACLS-approved HT/HTL program should join today to access the benefits of membership in NSH.   

How to Become a Member

NSH student membership is available for one or two years, depending on your specific program needs. One-year memberships are $40. Students may hold student membership for a maximum of two years. 

Join Online

Membership Application

Questions? Contact us at or by phone at  (443) 535-4060. 

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