Journal of Histotechnology

Journal of Histotechnology

June 2023 Volume 46.2

Editorial: Epithelial ovarian carcinoma – a perspective

Article: The protective effect of erythropoietin on ischemia- reperfusion injury caused by ovarian torsion-detorsion in the experimental rat model

Article: Modulatory effects of concomitant quercetin/sitagliptin administration on the ovarian histological and biochemical alterations provoked by doxorubicin in a streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat model

Article: Determination of mTOR signal pathway in MMTV-TGFα mice ovary at different ages

Article: Verhoeff van Gieson staining in laser-irradiated gingival tissues

Book Review: The placenta: basics and clinical significance

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The official journal of the National Society for Histotechnology, Journal of Histotechnology, aims to advance the understanding of complex biological systems and improve patient care by applying histotechniques to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases.

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