Covid-19 Resources

NSH COVID-19:  Novel Coronavirus Resources for Histology Labs 

As the leading provider in histotechnology education, The National Society for Histotechnology has the following resources for the greater histology community, including additional resources exclusive to our members. Please check back for updates as we will continue to add resources as available and appropriate.

COVID Survey Results
Over the course of the pandemic, NSH conducted several iterations of a COVID survey, gauging the impact of the virus on work stability for histotechnologists. Here are the results: 

Universal Precautions
Many have expressed concern as to whether special precautions need to be taken when processing specimens that may have Covid. Please remember that Universal Precautions should always be used, but below are a few links with more information on the topic:

The Journal of Histotechnology’s publisher, Taylor & Francis, has created a page with free access to COVID-19: Novel Coronavirus Content.  All research residing on this page is free to access. 

For NSH Members

Organizations around the world have rolled out mandatory remote work policies (where appropriate), and elective surgeries have been significantly curtailed. In our Histology Professionals group on Facebook, a member asked the question, “Anyone have any suggestions on how a histotech can work from home?” NSH recommends using this time to improve your histotechnology skills.  Many histotechnicians and histotechnologists are unable to spend time on continuing competence due to the daily volume in their respective labs coupled with the staffing shortage.  Take advantage of this time to review webinars or review research articles for new methods or topics that interest you.   

Here are some responses to the “Anyone have any suggestions on how a histotech can work from home?” 

  • Research!!! Look up articles for new ways to do things for programs you work on.... use 
  • Reviewing and/or editing Standard work procedures for new hires, cleanup/organize maintenance charts for processors, microtomes, cryostats etc. for CAP, CE credits, yearly company compliance modules 
  • Read, especially about methods that interest you 

We also have a Free Member Resources portal on  These include webinars, podcasts, troubleshooting guides and lab management resources created by members for members.


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