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Histology Career Pathways

Histotechnology is a unique, diverse career that marries art and science in one stimulating profession with plenty of room for growth. Curious how to get into histology, and the career paths you can pursue once you're here? Check out this article, featuring an interview with a histology program director. 

Routes for Certification

  • Route 1: Successful completions of a NAACLS accredited Histotechnician program
  • Route 2: 60 semester hours of academic credit from a college with 12 semester hours each of biology and chemistry, plus one year of lab experience in histopathology. 

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Tracks Within Histology

  • Check out this PowerPoint from Kimberly Feaster, Program Director at West Virginia University School of Medicine, to learn more about the options that are out there within the histology field.
  • NSH member Laura Slack shares her unique path to get into the histology field in this article