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Histology Career Blog Articles

Check out these articles from NSH's blog, Fixation on Histology, for helpful career advice from our members. 

Career Advancement: Are you stuck in a rut and looking for a new opportunity? In this article, Tim Morken provides his advice for advancing in histotechnology, whether it be moving up to another position within your organization, or finding a new company altogether. The key to advancement is learning!

What Can You Do with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology or Chemistry?: The answer? Become a histotech! In this article, Sheila Criswell discusses how the new histotechnology certificate program at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is helping people with science Bachelor's find a meaningful career in histotechnology. 

Work/Life Balance in Histology:  In histology, the problem of work/life balance arises when we are increasingly asked to do more and more to keep up with the sheer volume of work there is in a busy lab. In this article, we discuss how to assert yourself in the workplace when you're feeling burnt out, and some tips for relieving your stress load.