2021 Laboratory Webinars

2021 NSH Laboratory Webinar Series

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Labs with less than 10 staff - $699.00
Labs with 11 or more staff - $899.00
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    Reduced pricing to fit the times.
      Now, more than ever – online education and CEUs are essential, so we are offering the full webinar series for half the price as it has been in previous years.  This is possible because of cost saving measures the program made in other areas allowing NSH to pass that savings onto you. Take advantage of the early bird discounts! Labs with 10 people or less subscribe to the series for just $699.00.  Labs with 11 or more people pay the low subscription price of $899.00.

    Flexible purchase options.  Labs, their budgets, and even purchasing departments are all different, so this year we are offering registration options that match those differences.  For example, if your purchasing department has restrictions on how early you can register preventing you from participating in our  amazing live sessions – you can still register up to 30 days after a webinar  and still receive the recording and CEUS.  You can also take advantage of early bird pricing on a la carte webinars year-round when you register at least 30 days before the event for only $79.00 a session! 

    Special discounts.  Throughout the year our laboratory webinar subscribers will receive special discounts on NSH products such as exam prep courses.  These exclusive offers will be sent to site coordinators so make sure your contact information is up to date!  And don’t forget, the program continues to bring your lab a live event each month followed by a recording so that your staff can watch on-demand earning CEUs for up to one year. 

    The 2021 Program

    • January 27: Understanding and Updating Tissue Processing Protocols Using the GREAT Method
    • February 24: Quality Management and Performance Improvement in Histopathology Lab

    • March 24: What’s New with PD-L1 as a Companion Diagnostic?

    • April 28: COVID-19 and the Transition to a Digital Pathology Workflow

    • May 26: Cryo-Fluorescence Tomography: A Technique to Bridge Multi-Resolution Multi-Modal Assays

    • June 23: The Role of Histopathology in Characterizing and Validating Animal Models of Human Diseases

    • July 28: The Mütter Museum: Overview and Conservation Primer

    • August 25: Best Practices for Collection of FFPE Curls Molecular Analysis in Research and Development

    • September 15: How I Learned IHC Assay Development 

    • October 27: Basics of Mohs Technique and Purpose 

    • November 17: Practical Gastrointestinal Pathology for the Histotechnologist: The Gut, The Stains & The Rationale

    • December 22: The Culture of Histology