HPD Celebration Resources

Celebrate in Your Community

HPD is all about raising awareness for the profession. Here are a few ways you can celebrate in your community, to let them know what we're all about: 

  • Participate in career days at the local high schools and community colleges
  • Send the local newspaper a press release regarding Histotechnology Professionals Day. If you have events planned, be sure to highlight them.
  • Petition the local government to get Histotechnology Professionals Day recognized with a proclamation. 


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  • One of the most important things that your organization can do to build awareness for the Histology Profession is to receive official recognition from your local elected official, mayor and/or governor. One way to do this is by requesting an official government proclamation honoring Histotechnology Professionals Day. Requirements for submission of proclamation requests vary from state to state so be sure to look up guidelines for your district in advance.
  • Check out NSH member, LaVinia Ray's story about how she used NSH's proclamation resources to get recognition in Alabama.

Press Release

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  • Press Releases are articles sent to the media to inform them of a topic or event that deserves news coverage. They should read like news stories, covering who, what, when, where, why and how. The release should include contact information, a headline, important dates or deadlines, a lead paragraph, body copy and a boiler plate with a short description of your organization.

Elevator Speech

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  • Every professional should have a short synoptic speech called an “elevator speech”. The speech should be a 15-30 second description of what they do as a professional. This speech is intended to tell listeners enough to make them want to learn more. It can be used in an elevator when someone asks “What is a Histotechnologist”? or when you have an opportunity to talk about your profession to the PTA, to your local elected officials, students or anyone who shows interest. Your hope is to create an opportunity for an in-depth discussion. You will raise awareness and visibility of the profession.

HPD ToolKit

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  • Histotechnology Professionals Day planning guide featuring sample communications and additional resources.

Histotechnology as a Profession

If you plan to give a presentation about histology, please feel free to utilize any of the following tools: