Studying for the Certification Exams

Studying for Certification Exams

NSH offers resources for individuals studying to take the HT/HTL Histology Exam including: 

The Exam Simulator

NSH + LabCE's Histology Exam Simulator includes HT and HTL practice tests and materials to help you prepare for the ASCP exam.  NSH + LabCE's Histology Exam Simulator includes over 2,000 questions in all major histology subject areas and is computer adaptive, just like the actual exam, which allows you to simulate the test taking experience. The Exam Simulator is available for purchase on NSH's Online Learning Center, just $79 for NSH members. The Exam Simulator is also available in select histology program bookstores. Contact for more information on bookstore sales. 

The HT Prep Course

NSH's HT Prep Course includes 8 1/2 hours of webinar instruction, covering topics on the HT exam, including Fixation & Processing, Microtomy, Staining, Special Stains, IHC, and Lab Math. The course is broken down into modules, with a knowledge check after each module. This is a perfect resource for histologists trained on the job, who need a refresher prior to the exam, but can also serve as a good review for graduated histology program students. The course is available for purchase on the NSH Online Learning Center, just $249 for NSH members. 

Blog Posts

NSH's blog, Fixation on Histology, includes advice articles from actual test takers: 

HT Exam
HTL Exam

Member Resources

Additional study tools are available to NSH members on NSH's member community, The Block, including:  

The Image Bank
Archived Webinars
Discussion Forum

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