Studying for the Certification Exams

Studying for Certification Exams

NSH offers resources for individuals studying to take the HT/HTL Histology Exam including: 

The Exam Simulator

NSH + LabCE's Histology Exam Simulator includes HT and HTL practice tests and materials to help you prepare for the ASCP exam.  NSH + LabCE's Histology Exam Simulator includes over 2,000 questions in all major histology subject areas. Many questions include illustrations and images. Take a ten-question preview of the Histology Exam Simulator to see what kinds of questions are included.

Blog Posts

NSH's blog, Fixation on Histology, includes advice articles from actual test takers: 

HT Exam
HTL Exam

Member Resources

Additional study tools are available to NSH members on NSH's member community, The Block, including:  

The Image Bank
Archived Webinars
Discussion Forum

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