Keynote Speakers for NSH Symposium/Convention Announced

By Natalie Paskoski posted 21 days ago

NSH's Symposium/Convention, the largest histology event in the United States, will take place September 20-25th in New Orleans, LA. The Convention includes two keynote lecture sessions focusing on topics impacting the future of the profession. 

Sunday, September 22nd: 
Laboratory Workforce: Today & Tomorrow 
This lecture will feature a diverse panel of experts from ASCLS, ASCP, and NSH, who will share insights on the challenges facing laboratory staffing today and in the future.  Leaders in the field must communicate on how to handle these challenges to meet the growing need to diagnose medical conditions and increase levels of patient care. 
Luis Chiriboga, PhD, HT(ASCP)QIHC: Director Ex-Path IHC Laboratory, NYU Langone Hospital
Jim Flanigan, CAE: Executive Director ASCLS

Edna Garcia, MPH, Director: Scientific Engagement & Research, ASCP
Sharon Kneebone, CAEIOM:  Executive Director, NSH

Monday, September 21st: Teaching your body to fight cancer with gene-engineered T cell immunotherapy

On Monday, September 21st our featured speaker for the Culling Memorial Lecture will be Laura A Johnson, PhD, presenting “Teaching your body to fight cancer with gene-engineered T cell immunotherapy". Applying CAR treatment to solid tumors has just begun, but already certain factors have been made clear: the tumor target is of utmost importance for clinicians to do no harm; and solid tumors have additional challenges compared with hematologic ones. This talk will provide an overview of T cell immunotherapy, its successes, challenges, and future.