Fixation on Histology

Take the Journey with Me!

You’ve probably seen at least one message from us (and by one we mean 10) that the 2023 NSH Convention is coming up in September. This is one of the most exciting events for the profession and this year we will be hosting 4 days of great education in the Charm City…Baltimore, MD.  The convention provides over 85 workshop opportunities, networking, an exhibit hall, and of course one my favorite elements—scientific posters! Scientific posters have been a professional passion of mine for a long time.  My first experience with one was at a conference where I learned - through a poster - that I could be saving hours of time by utilizing a feature in an existing software product that I had no clue was available.  That single moment made me a fan for life.   

Over the years there have been countless stories about the impact of this medium of knowledge exchange, even the 2015 major motion picture, Concussion has a poster cameo in it.  It is one of the most comfortable and accessible ways to put your hypothesis to the test (get it… test the hypothesis, haha), share your findings, and even discuss unexpected discoveries.  I believe in the power of posters so much, that this year I will be putting together my own poster and vlogging the major milestones of this process along with way.  I challenge you to take this journey with me from the nascent stage of an idea to the actual presentation.   

It all starts with an idea or question that needs to be answered.  It’s that simple.  It can be a project you are currently working on, a new technique you recently started using, or even a storage solution that is efficient.  Topics have ranged over the years from interesting cases, tips and tricks, research advancements, and even insights on storing digital files.  Check out my first vlogs and get started with your poster idea (be warned I am 100% unedited and unfiltered – so no judgement on my lack of makeup, sweatshirt apparel, etc.).  

Of course, if you are new to putting together a poster, or need a little help coming up with an idea - don't hesitate to contact me.  I LOVE talking about posters and will provide any guidance or assistance that I can.  Plus, the digital format makes this process even easier and affordable.  As a reminder, your posters are automatically accepted.  As an added incentive, when you submit a poster NSH will send you a code for $30.00 off your registration.    

Resources to get you started: 

NSH Poster Podcasts from Previous Years 

Written By: Connie Wildeman, MPA, NSH Staff