Fixation on Histology

Why We Celebrate


Back in the 1700’s when Marie François Xavier Bicha, who is known as the father of modern histology, worked on tissues, I am sure he did not envision that centuries later there would be a day dedicated to raising awareness for the profession of histotechnology.  That day is Histotechnology Professionals Day (HPD), which we celebrate on March 10th  each year.

The first HPD took place March 10,  2010. Its purpose is to educate other allied health professionals, aspiring students, and the general public about histotechnology, in order to give today’s histotechnologists, the recognition their work deserves and promote the profession to future histotechnologists. 

Histology is important to the medical and veterinary field allowing us to discover new therapeutic drugs, diagnosis of various diseases and have a better understanding of how the body (both human and animal) works. While histology has played such a critical role in healthcare and veterinary services, today many still do not know what histotechnologists are nor what they do. As workforce  shortages continue to plague our industry, days like HPD become even more important as we try to recruit future histotechs to the field.

On March 10, 2023, I encourage you to celebrate your great work and share the importance of your chosen profession with your community.  Now you might be asking yourself how? Here are some ideas: 

  • Consider participating in career days at your local elementary, middle and high schools as well as community colleges. There are plenty of online resources that have downloadable lesson plans and activities ready to go.
  • Submit a photo for NSH’s promotional video. Simply download the sign provided and upload it using the online form. The video will be used to highlight the variety of ways histotechs make an impact every day.
  • Provide tours of the histology department inviting other departments within the institution to come for refreshments.
  • Hang posters or banners around your place of employment or your local university/college. NSH offers downloadable files, making it quick and easy.
  • Organize the local chapter of your histotechnology society to work on a service or  community project and make sure to promote the activity on social media and news outlets.
  • If appropriate, invite the local media to tour your facility – a firsthand look will help them understand your role as a health care or research professional.
  • Request an official government proclamation honoring Histotechnology Professionals Day for your state. Download the template.

We would love to hear how you celebrate HPD! What are some successful ways you have celebrated HPD and promoted the field of histology? Feel free to leave your success stories in the comments below. 

And don’t forget to check out all the HPD resources and activities on the HPD page.   


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Written By: Alisha Yocum, NSH Membership & Publications Manager