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Most people will have their lives take a drastic turn when they reached the age of sixty and above. In old age, our bodies will start to wore down. One of the common problems that old people face is their inability to control their bladder. This is quite normal and many old people are actually experiencing it! So how do you deal with an uncontrollable bladder? Adult diapers!

Now before you dive into buying adult diapers, you must know what is an uncontrollable bladder. Uncontrollable bladder, also known as incontinence, is an instance where a person has no control whatsoever when it comes to relieving him/herself through peeing or pooping. Incontinence comes in two forms:

Stress Incontinence

This type of incontinence happens even to the younger folks. This usually happens when laughing too hard or experience something stressful that causes you to put extra pressure on your bladder. By having extra pressure, it weakens the muscles that hold in pee, resulting to urinating beyond your control.

Urge Incontinence

This type happens mostly to older people. This is tailored to the body developing the inability to hold urine over time. Sudden urges to go to the bathroom is normal when dealing with this type of incontinence.

Incontinence happens a lot more in women than in men. Pregnancy is one of the factors that causes incontinence towards women but only for a short time before and after giving birth. Adult diapers are invented for those who experience incontinence to the point that it is affecting their lifestyle.

Most adults view adult diapers as something that only babies use. To save them from embarrassment, adults are shying away from wearing adult diapers. However, if your incontinence is too much to handle, then it is advisable to wear adult diapers. The decision to use them still lies on the user because using diapers is mostly a personal preference.

That’s why, before buying adult diapers from stores, make sure to consult with them and explain their condition. Make them feel comfortable at the idea of wearing adult diapers. It will save them the time of constantly going to the bathroom and for yourself to clean up after them.

There are ways where you can avoid incontinence or lessen them from happening from time to time.

  • Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol
  • Do pelvic exercises regularly
  • Drink medicine advised by your doctor to deal with incontinence
  • Avoid holding your pee

But when all of the above fails, adult diapers is the best way to deal with incontinence.

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