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The value of NSH membership is clear; it is easy to belong, learn, connect, and engage. Once you join, you can maintain your membership over the course of your career at the level that is appropriate for you. Membership is open to anyone actively engaged in or interested in Histotechnology or an allied profession. Certification is not a prerequisite for NSH membership. NSH membership starts from the day you join – 365 days of NSH membership! Choose the membership type that is right for you!

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Enhanced Education Membership: $139/year 

Position yourself for success by obtaining UNLIMITED access to over 70 NSH histology-specific on-demand webinars, providing ASCP, PACE, and CE-Broker approved continuing education creditsThis level of membership serves a common need among histology professionals: more access to affordable online education. 

Core Education Membership: $80/year 

This level of membership is designed to provide you with up-to-date information on new techniques, research, and technology advancements in histology. Discounts on education and access to resource guides, the image bank, antibody database, and more which can help you to find solutions to problems faster. 

Student Membership: $40/year 

For current students enrolled in a NAACLS approved Histotechnology programWhen you become a student member, you are investing in yourself and building your network of histology professionals. You can also take advantage of the discount available on the Exam Simulator, which will help you to prepare for the ASCP Board of Certification HT exam

Retired Membership: $40/year 

For retirees. Any current NSH member who has fully retired from professional life in a paid capacity and has been an NSH member for at least five (5) years before retirement is eligible to retired membership.

Sustaining Membership: $250/year 

Entities who wish to help support NSH and the broader histology community can join at the sustaining membership level 

Why Join NSH?

There are many places to get information and education on Histotechnology, but NSH represents the perfect balance of quality and affordability. 

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Apply by Mail 

If you prefer the mail, send in completed form to PO Box 75914, Baltimore, MD 21275 or fax to 443-535-4055. You may also call 443-535-4060 to speak to a membership representative. 

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