Newcomer Helping Hand Award

Sponsored by Newcomer Supply

Recognition - $2,000 Award

The purpose of this award is to support individuals or organizations that provide histology educational opportunities or improvements to underserved institutions/groups/countries. Any worthy project, new or ongoing, that elevates the educational fortune of members of the histotechnology community will be considered.

Application Process

  • The recipient is recognized at the annual NSH Awards Banquet.
  • In addition, the recipient of this award receives a $2,000 award.

Monies can be used to:

  1. Support national and international education outreach efforts.
  2. Increase the quality and expertise of educational opportunities for student groups with limited or deteriorated access to educational facilities and educators.
  3. Affect efforts to recruit future generations of histotechnologists and promote the study of histology.
  4. Provide needed educational supplies or equipment.

Criteria/Applicant Requirements

  • Recipient must be an NSH member for a minimum of 2 consecutive years
  • Can be nominated or can self-apply using the application form provided
  • Must have at least one letter of recommendation that outlines the applicant’s commitment to the profession.
  • CV/Resume required
  • One page narrative on how the applicant intends to utilize the funds.
  • Only complete application packages received by the closing date will be considered

Anyone who has received the Newcomer Helping Hand Scholarship within the last 5 years is ineligible for this scholarship.

Christina White, Previous Newcomer Helping Hand Recipient