NSH Histology Scholarships

Scholarships are made available to NSH members as a means to encourage careers and progress in the field of histotechnology. Applicants may not apply for more than one scholarship per year. Applications for the 2021 scholarships are now closed. Check back in 2022 for opportunities. 

Available Scholarships

$6,000 – The scholarship is to support foreign educational endeavors with the intent of learning and sharing histopathologic techniques.

Lee Luna Foreign Travel Scholarship

– This scholarship is presented to a NAACLS accredited program for the purpose of furthering educational opportunities for students.

Peggy Wenk Histology Program Scholarship


$3,000 – The scholarship is to support educational endeavors in the pursuit of leadership and management skills.

Leica Leadership in Management Scholarship

$2,500 – This scholarship is to support educational endeavors in the pursuit of career advancement through new certifications and/or degrees.

Frank J. Monek Memorial Scholarship

$2,000- This scholarship is to support individuals or organizations that provide histology educational opportunities or improvements to underserved institutions/groups/countries. 

Newcomer Helping Hand Scholarship

– This scholarship is given to individuals pursuing education and knowledge within the discipline of immunohistochemistry. 

Excellence In Standardization of IHC

$1,000 – Professional scholarships are for individuals pursuing education and knowledge within the profession of histotechnology. Three scholarships are available.

Professional Scholarships

$500 – State society scholarships are given to state societies who are seeking funds to increase services to its membership.

Constituent Society Scholarship

$500 – Student Scholarships are awarded to student members are for student members who are currently enrolled in a Histology Program.

Student Scholarships

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NSH Awards

The National Society for Histotechnology, with the support of its generous sponsors, is proud to offer a variety of awards to NSH members!


ASCP Scholarships

ASCP has up to $500,000 in grants and scholarships available now.
Applications due May 15

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