Cancer Diagnostics, Inc., Frank J. Monek Memorial Scholarship

Sponsored by Cancer Diagnostics, Inc

Recognition - $2,500 Scholarship

This scholarship is to support educational endeavors in the pursuit of career advancement through new or additional certifications and/or educational degrees for the histology professional.

Application Process

Frank J. Monek was the founder of Surgipath Medical Industries, Inc and led the company as President and CEO. Frank was a visionary, an innovator, a leader and a mentor who was not afraid to take chances. He was a staunch supporter of State Histology Societies as well as the National Society for Histotechnology. This scholarship is sponsored and presented by Cancer Diagnostics, Inc. and Frank's daughters, Andrea and Michelle.

  • The recipient is recognized at the annual NSH Awards Banquet.
  • In addition, the recipient of this award receives a $2,500 scholarship.

Criteria/Applicant Requirements

  • Recipient must be an NSH member for a minimum of 2 consecutive years
  • Can be nominated or can self-apply, but must submit the application form provided
  • Must have at least two letters of recommendation that outlines the applicant’s commitment to the profession, and why the candidate is deserving of the scholarship
  • CV/Resume required
  • Narrative of the applicant’s goals over the next three years and how the funds will assist in achieving these goals
  • Only complete application packages received by the closing date will be considered

Anyone who has received the Cancer Diagnostics, Inc., Frank J. Monek Memorial Scholarship within the last 5 years is ineligible for this scholarship.

Past Recipients

2015 Julie Trejo
2016 Jeryn Hanlon
2017 Kathy Hill-Epperson
2018 Amanda Kelley
2019 Jeannette Wallen
2020 Hristina Trpevski

Past Monek Scholarship Recipient Jeannette Wallen