Scope of the Journal of Histotechnology

The Journal of Histotechnology aims to advance the understanding of complex biological systems and improve patient care by applying histotechniques to diagnose, prevent and treat diseases.

Journal of Histotechnology is concerned with educating practitioners and researchers from diverse disciplines about the methods used to prepare tissues and cell types, from all species, for microscopic examination. This is especially relevant to Histotechnicians. 

Journal of Histotechnology welcomes research addressing new, improved, or traditional techniques for tissue and cell preparation. This includes review articles, original articles, technical notes, case studies, advances in technology, and letters to editors.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, discussion of clinical, veterinary, and research histopathology.

The Journal also provides members of the National Society for Histotechnology with content for earning continuing education units (CEUs).

Submission Instructions for Authors

Articles dealing with quality control, tricks of the trade, and educational or administrative techniques directly related to these disciplines are also published.

Circulation Overview

Hospitals 63.5%
Universities 14.8%
Research 12.6%
Private Labratories 8.4%
Veterinary Facilities 5.4%
Industry 3.0%
Other 9.6%

Supervisors 61%
Training Students 48.6%

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