Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

April 18-24, 2021

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (NMLPW) is an annual celebration of the medical laboratory professionals and pathologists who play a vital role in every aspect of health care. NSH and other medical organizations wanted to show our support and gratitude for the hard work laboratory professionals do. Lab Professionals Week is held annually during the last full week of April. 

Celebrate with NSH

This year NSH has a full week of activities for Lab Week that you and your lab can participate in. 

April 19th: Stain Identification
There were so many great stains submitted for the Histology Professionals Day Art of the Stain Contest that we wanted to keep the fun going! Can you identify the tissue and stain type for each of the images submitted? Submit your answers to get 1 CEU
April 20th: Post Your Superhero Photo
Histologists are laboratory heroes! Post a photo of yourself dressed as a superhero and don't forget to tag NSH, @ns4histotech. You can also put your photos on the Histology Professionals Facebook Page

April 21st: Volunteer Week
This year Lab Week and Volunteer Week are the same week! NSH would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers who help the Society run.  Show us what you're passionate about by posting a photo of yourself volunteering for a cause you care about. Post your photo on the Histology Professionals Page, or tag us on your own page @ns4histotech. 

April 22nd: Virtual Happy Hour

Join us April 22nd at 6PM ET for our Lab Week/Volunteer Week Virtual Happy Hour! This is a great way to celebrate Lab Week with fellow histotechs from around the world! This event is free to attend for NSH members, but you do need to register

April 23rd: Lab Week Recap
Look for a recap of the week's activities in a video posted on NSH's website and social media. 

Download the official Medical Laboratory Professionals Week logo for use in your lab celebrations: