Celebrate Volunteer Week

Celebrate Volunteer Week with NSH

During Volunteer Week, April 18-24, we celebrate NSH's volunteers who serve as subject matter experts to help create member resources, histology education like webinars and training courses, promote the Society, and advocate for the profession. We have profiled a few of our volunteer members to highlight all of the various ways our members make a difference! 

Volunteer Profiles

Allison Eck, Volunteer Profile

Allison Eck, Health & Safety Committee

"I always wanted to work in a lab. I dissected a frog in 7th grade and knew lab work was for me. My path was winding and ended up in histology right after I graduated with my Bachelors." Read More.

Carol Copeland, Volunteer Profile

Carol Copeland, Strategic Planning Task Force

"I was a 7th-grade science teacher at the time, but I did not feel teaching middle school science was where I wanted to stay." Read More.
Errin Metcalf, Volunteer Profile

Errin Metcalf, IHC Committee

"I got involved in histology by coincidence. I was working as a certified nuclear medicine technologist and decided it was time for a career change."  Read More.
Masaye Tanaka, Volunteer Profile

Masaye Tanaka, HT Simulator Question Review Team

"I retired in 2019 after 50 years as a medical laboratory technologist; 40  years as a histotechnologist, 7 years as a cytotechnologist and 2 years as a general MLT working in Biochemistry in and near Calgary, Alberta, Canada." Read More.

Paule Cham, Volunteer Profile

Paule Cham, IHC Committee, Nominations/Election Committee
"I’ve always love histology as a subject, however, I did not know there was a specific field until I started work at the morgue and helping the pathologist. I became more curious, and the more I asked the more I learned and after a few months I was shadowing the Path A and the techs." Read More.
Robert Lott, Volunteer Profile

Robert Lott, HQIP Grader

"I held the position of Program Director in a NAACLS accredited school of histotechnology from 1988-1992. This position 'really' forced me to learn the discipline. If you are going to teach students about histotechnology you better know what you're talking about in advance." Read More

Kelli Goodkowsky, Volunteer Profile

Kelli Goodkowsky, Education Committee Chair

"I spent the majority of my career supervising hospital histology labs and transitioned to higher education in 2012. I was not a career teacher and what I've discovered is teaching is an art." Read More.

Christie Gowan, Volunteer Profile

Christie Gowan, PR Committee Chair

"My biggest challenge over the past few years was going from management to bench. I have had a great career but wanted to donate more time to supporting my profession." Read More.

Twila Westbrooks, Volunteer Profile

Twila Westbrooks, Convention Committee

"While enrolled in a nursing program, I worked part-time in the lab.  I happened to see a tech cutting a ribbon and the very thin sections caught my attention. I was hooked at that point." Read More.

Post a Photo of You Volunteering!

We love to see what our members are passionate about. Post a photo of yourself volunteering, whether it is with NSH, or another favorite cause! You can post your photo to Histology Professionals Facebook Page, or tag us @ns4histotech on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Use #volunteerweek.