Student Membership/Exam Simulator Bundle

Student Membership/Exam Simulator Bundle

NSH’s Histology Exam Simulator is an online practice test, containing hundreds of questions, written to prepare students for the HT (ASCP) Board of Certification exam.

NSH is now offering college bookstores the option of selling a Histology Exam Simulator/Student Membership Bundle, which contains access to the Histology Exam Simulator, as well as one year of student membership.

Bundle Includes

  • One year of access to the Histology Exam Simulator:
    • Over 2,000 questions with images and feedback
    • Mock exams or focus on specific subject areas for targeted review
    • Available 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected computer, phone, or tablet
  • One-year NSH student membership which comes with access to:
    • Student Scholarships: Apply for a $500 scholarship to use for education costs
    • The Image Bank: Use for additional tissue ID practice
    • Archived Webinars: Brush up on topics including fixation, tissue contamination, routine and special staining, H&E, and safety
    • Open Forum Discussion Section: Get advice from peers and begin to network

Benefits of Purchasing Through the Bookstore

  • Students can use financial aid to purchase the Bundle
  • Professors can monitor student progress in the Simulator and assign modules as part of their curriculum
  • Includes NSH student membership so students have access to additional resources and are exposed to their profession’s professional Society early in their careers
Exam Simulator Bundle