How Do I Get Certified in Histology?

How Do I Get Certified as an HT/HTL?

National certification is administered through the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). ASCP offers two certifications for histology, the HT (Histotechnician) Certification and the HTL (Histotechnologist) Certification. Both require prior education in the histology field, either through attending a histology program, or acquiring laboratory experience in the field. In order to sit for either exam, you must fulfill the qualifications of either Route 1 or Route 2.
Learn more about the routes to certification in NSH's White Paper. 

Studying for the HT and HTL Certification Exam

HTL Prep CourseNSH's HT Prep Course includes 8 1/2 hours of webinar instruction, covering topics on the HT exam, including Fixation & Processing, Microtomy, Staining, Special Stains, IHC, and Lab Math. The course is broken down into modules, with a knowledge check after each module. This is a perfect resource for histologists trained on the job, who need a refresher prior to the exam, but can also serve as a good review for graduated histology program students. The course is available for purchase on the NSH Online Learning Center, just $249 for NSH members. 

Procedures for Examination and Certification Booklet

To become certified, an individual must fulfill the academic and experience/training components specified in the Procedures for Examination and Certification and successfully complete the appropriate examination. ASCP recommends that you carefully review the ASCP Board of Certification Procedures for Examination and Certification booklet to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements.

Please visit the ASCP website for a step-by-step guide to the process.