NSH COVID-19 2021 Survey Results February 2021 Update

By Sharon Kneebone posted 02-26-2021 14:42

This is the fourth iteration of the COVID survey. It received 364 responses. This is compared to 704 responses in the first survey, 308 in the second, and 192 in the third. The demographics for this iteration and the previous were similar; primarily those who work in community hospitals, followed by private labs, and research. Technician/Scientists made up the majority, with lab managers and supervisors to follow. This version of the survey focused on the impact of the vaccine and future ability to travel. 61.5% have already gotten the vaccine, with another 26.87% expected to get it. There are however lingering bans on travel, whether that be self/state-imposed or employer-imposed. Even still, 37% reported no travel restrictions for 2021.

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