New QIHC Prep Course on Sale

By Natalie Paskoski posted 02-11-2019 10:04

NSH is now offering an online prep course to prepare individuals for the ASCP IHC Qualification Exam. The NSH QIHC Prep Course is intended to provide participants with an overview of the principles and practices of immunohistochemistry in an effort to comprehensively prepare them for the ASCP’s QIHC examination. The course covers the topic areas outlined by the ASCP’s published exam topic outline, and offers suggestions for not only trying to meet the minimum requirements, but also become knowledgeable enough to be truly ‘qualified’. Click here to purchase or learn more

The course includes:

  • 3 hours of instruction
  • An indexed study guide containing an extensive array of resources and recommended reading which should be helpful in preparing for the QIHC exam.
  • Knowledge Check question bank to test your preparedness for the exam