Fixation on Histology

Setting Professional Goals You CAN Achieve


As we start the New Year, this is the time many of us reflect on what we want to achieve, and how we want to move forward with our careers. While some things are out of your control (think crazy pandemic and being short staffed), there are many other variables that we can influence to help us make 2023 the best year yet. Here are a few suggestions and resources to get started and keep you focused all year round.

Celebrate past successes
- Take a few minutes to consider your achievements from 2022.  Did you overcome a major staffing change? Did you finally get that certification you wanted? Then, think about what led to that success and be sure you lean on those skills moving into the new year. Haven’t gotten certified yet?  Check out NSH’s HT/HTL Prep Course and get started on this amazing achievement!   

Take small steps to improve less developed skills - Think about areas that are not your strongest, and list small ways to improve those skills.  For example, public speaking and networking. Do you find this is a really painful task?  If so, set small steps for yourself to work towards your goal. Maybe you can volunteer to run a staff meeting. Watch a webinar and create a short presentation about it to present to your co-workers. Or just take the time to understand different communication styles.  NSH members have FREE access to this great webinar from 2020, “Using DISC to Decode and Diminish Conflict” which can help, if this is your goal. 

Schedule time to check in on your goals later this year - Its no surprise that most resolutions are abandoned within the first month – so schedule a personal check-in 3 months from now to see if you have made any progress.  And of course, don’t beat yourself, if progress is slow.  Isn’t there a famous story about “slow and steady wins the race”?  Take a listen to this free podcast, “Advice from a histology Recruiter: Career Planning” to help motivate you. 

No matter what achievements you set for yourself in 2023, let NSH help you meet those goals through all the valuable resources available to you! And if you are a NSH Member, don’t forget to lean on your fellow histotechs on The Block for helpful advice all year round.

Written by: Connie Wildeman, MPA