Strategic Plan

NSH Strategic Plan

The 2020 Strategic Plan was adopted by the Board of Directors on October 24, 2020, after a year of work and engaging multiple volunteer leaders and member volunteers. Our vision and mission have been updated to remain true to our core purpose while recognizing the rapidly changing world around us.

Our Vision

Empower, partner, and educate for the global advancement of Histotechnology.

Our Mission

Shaping the future of Histotechnology through a global community of professionals committed to educating, advocating, and driving patient quality.

Our Strategic Pillars

Advocate:  Advocating for public and professional recognition
Diversify:  Diversifying and expanding membership
Educate:  Expanding knowledge, education, and resources

NSH will deliver on its strategic pillars by:

Connecting histotechnicians and histotechnologists globally.
Empowering the profession through its education and advocacy.
Innovating in our program and content delivery. 

Pillar I


Pillar II


Pillar III