NSH Governance

NSH Board of Directors

As a professional member organization, NSH is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership, every two years. The Board of Directors work in cooperation with NSH’s many other dedicated volunteers, to ensure that we are working towards our mission, of empowering the profession of histotechnology.

NSH House of Delegates

In addition to the Board of Directors, NSH has a House of Delegates that meets once a year, at the Annual Symposium/Convention. The House of Delegates is made up of representatives from each state in which NSH has active members.

State Histology Societies

Annual Reports

The NSH provides the membership with an Annual Report prior to the NSH Annual Convention each year. Provided within the report are detailed activities of committees and appointed positions. In addition, each elected Board Member has submitted a summary report from the past year. 

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics