Histotechnology Professionals Day

The National Society for Histotechnology (NSH) sponsors an annual celebration of Histotechnology Professionals through Histotechnology Professionals Day (HPD) in March each year.  Most would agree that the field is not well known among lay people.  The society has been working to educate young people about histotechnology as a career option with the annual Career Day program and HPD is another opportunity to increase public awareness and also bring awareness to practitioners of other disciplines in healthcare.

"Even though the patient doesn't know us, what's most important is that we do our absolute best for them, because we are affecting lives," says Vinnie Della Speranza, manager for anatomic pathology services at the Medical University of South Carolina and Immediate Past President for NSH. "It sounds dramatic, but there's absolutely no question about it -- a compromised tissue sample can lead to a missed diagnosis."

Like all medical professionals, the challenge in histology is too much work and too little time. But histotechnologists say the rewards of helping to find a diagnosis outweigh the pressure of knowing that someone's life may lie in their hands.

It is the intention that this day will be spent honoring the unsung heroes, who help to diagnose problems.


Workplace activities:
• Buy NSH Histotechnology Professionals Day T-shirts for the staff or make buttons from the design to handout.
• Set up an exhibit at your workplace.
• Provide tours of the histology department inviting other departments within the institution.
• Offer an open house to the public, to raise awareness of the role of Histotechnology.
• Invite administrators to do a site visit to see what you do.
• Include “March 10, 2014 is Histotechnology Professionals Day” below your signature line on all e-mails you send.
• Work with the communications department to have a “Histotechnology Professionals Day” awareness email blitz sent throughout the organization.
• Work with the IT department to design a special Web page highlighting histology in the workplace.
• Hand out this Hisology Word Search (provided by David Anderson of Vanderbilt University Medical Center) and those that complete the puzzle have a chance to win a prize!

Community activities:
• Participate in career days at the local high schools and community colleges, (brochures and video from NSH).
• Volunteer to provide a program to the local elementary schools that will explain Histotechnology. NSH has a coloring book that might be a great gift for the students. You can order from the NSH marketplace.
• Organize the local chapter of your Histotechnology society to work on a “habitat” or other community project.
• Histology Schools could hold an open house, highlighting class projects.

Media Activities:
• Send the local newspaper a news release regarding Histotechnology Professionals Day and ask if they will do a “features” article about what histology is, and how important they are to the health care team.
• Promote histology schools and the programs that are offered in the community – create an article for the business section especially with workforce issues in the limelight.
• Invite local radio and television reporters and producers to create segments about the value of Histotechnology – offer to be a resource for segments that might be appropriate for your expertise.
• Many local TV and radio stations are required to provide time for Public Service Announcements (PSA), this may be a great opportunity to highlight the local histology group.
• Send announcements about Awards Recipients’ to the local newspaper for their public announcement section of the paper.

NSH has a few items you can order to help promote Histotechnology. Show off the HPD Logo with these fun items. Visit the NSH store.

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