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How to Critically Analyze a Research Paper

If you want to know more about how to critically analyse a research paper If writing a research paper can be an uphill task, learning how to critically analyse a research paper could be much worse. In other words, you need to be a real master in your field in order to analyse and find out what is right or wrong with a particular piece of academic writing. This is where essay writing service can give you some guidelines to go by. If you are keen on becoming a critical appreciator or a perceptive evaluator, you need to take a look at these tips that are found herein. You will be glad that you have equipped yourself with the required tools to critically analyze a research paper.

Here are the tips that will help you understand how to critically analyse a research paper:

  • First read the research paper from end to end. 

Do not leave anything out. If there are appendices or other extra info such as graphs, figures, pictures, lists and so on; go through them too. It is important to be completely aware of the contents of the paper that you are going to critically examine. 

Without this, it would become quite difficult to make any pertinent comments on the paper. For instance, the research paper might have an appendix that is quite relevant to the paper. The writer would expect you to read it before commenting on it. Therefore, do not make the mistake of just glancing through the paper; instead, read it thoroughly. If you think it is necessary, read it a couple of times.

  • Now that you have read the research paper and not just glanced at the research cover page, begin making notes on all that you have read. 

For instance, as you go from the intro to the other chapters pick up a notebook and start making intelligent points on what you read. It is possible that as you go through it, you find that there is certain disconnect between the intro and the subsequent chapters. If so, make a note of this. If there are a few things that are commendably presented, then make a note of this too. In short, your note making should be both intelligent as well as insightful.

Without this, it might be a bit difficult for you to put together all the information that you need to with regard to assessment and evaluation of such a paper. When you are aware of the rubrics, critical appreciation and examination become more meaningful and perceptive. 

If you are not sure what the rubrics are for a particular kind of paper, just give a call writing service whose experts will be able to give you the right kind of guidance so that your critical examination of the paper is complete.

Once you learn how to critically analyse a research paper you will realize that you are better equipped to write a real good paper.

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