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No one knows the value of NSH membership better than our members! NSH members are always encouraged to help grow the Society by sharing the benefits of membership with friends and colleagues. If you know someone who may be interested in becoming an NSH member, use the referral form below to submit their information, and NSH will reach out to them on your behalf. 

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Recruitment Tips

  • Think about why you joined NSH. Some members join for education, others for resources; many join to connect with other histologists. Whatever your reason is, share it! What you value about NSH may be something your colleagues could benefit from as well.

  • Review the many benefits NSH offers and consider your peers’ specialties. With new material added to the Block regularly it won’t be hard to find a topic or tool that will fit their needs. Introduce them to it and show them how it could work for them in their career.

  • Consider approaching a colleague face to face. A friendly conversation about their interests and NSH’s resources can be a great way to introduce the topic of membership in a casual and comfortable way.

  • Follow up with prospective members by shooting them a quick email with a membership application. Make it easy for them to sign up.