Lee G. Luna Foreign Travel Application

Application Deadline

Applications for 2019 are now open. The deadline for applications is May 31st.  If you are unable to submit using the application portal, please email materials to natalie@nsh.org

Required Materials

Only complete applications will be reviewed. All applications for this scholarship must contain:

  1. Scholarship form,

  2. One letter of recommendation,
    • The letter of recommendation should outline the applicant's commitment to the profession.
    • If the individual writing your letter of recommendation wishes the letter to be confidential, please ask them to email it directly to natalie@nsh.org.
    • Please note, if your letters of recommendations are being emailed - they must be received by the closing date, May 31, 2019.

  3. Narrative stating his/her desire, ability and reason(s) to travel abroad,

  4. Official correspondence to/from the foreign facility, institution or laboratory or convention chairperson (if attending a meeting) stating agreement with and purpose of the visit, including tentative dates of travel,

  5. CV/Resume.

Note: Applicant must submit an article for the "NSH In Action" within ninety (90) days following his/her return to the United States.

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