The NSH has a mission of providing educational opportunities to its members. Do you need to earn continuing education credits? Did you know that participation in the HistoQIP program affords you the opportunity to earn CE’s? This is another example of our commitment to this mission.

If you have more questions or if you are not currently enrolled in the HistoQIP program and would like more information, please call at 1-800-323-4040.

HistoQIP Online Continuing Education Opportunity

Who is eligible to receive CE’s from the HistoQIP Program?

  • All staff members from laboratories participating in the HistoQIP Survey are eligible to receive individual CE credit.

What do I need to participate in the online CE program?

  • You will need your laboratories Kit # and CAP #. This information is on the header of the HistoQIP evaluation or on the mailing page of your final critique. An initial web account with the CAP is required. If you forget or do not know you numbers, a link is available that will help you access the information.

How do I log on to the site?

  • Go to www.cap.org and click on the Log In link in the upper right corner of the CAP Home Page.

How do I find the information needed to answer the questions on the CE exam?

  • Complete the reading of the educational materials provided in each critique. The questions are from the materials presented.

Do I need to be a registered tech or working toward registration?

  • No – the CE program is available to anyone who is interested in reading the educational materials and answering related questions.

What happens if I do not answer the questions correctly?

  • There is no Pass/Fail score associated with the educational exercise. You simply answer the questions, at the conclusion; correct answers are highlighted along with justification for the answers. You are not be penalized for answers that are incorrect.

How much time does the CE exercise take?

  • A survey conducted of those who have participated in the online exercise, revealed that most individual spend between 15-30 minutes reading the materials presented and 5-10 minutes answering the questions.

How many credits do I receive?

  • There are two challenges per year; one CE unit is awarded per challenge.

How much will this cost me?

  • If your laboratory is participating in the HistoQIP program, there is no additional charge for participating in the CE program.

Do I have to be an NSH member to be a part of the HistoQIP program?

  • No, you do not need to be a member of the NSH to participate in the HistoQIP program.

How do I receive verification of my participation in the CE exercise?

  • At the conclusion of the CE exercise you will be given the opportunity to print out a CE certificate, which you may use for your personal file.

How do I use the CE credits?

  • CAP designates these educational activities for 1.0 credit/hour of continuing education. This activity is acceptable to meet the continue education requirements for the ASCP Board of Registry Certification Maintenance Program and QIHC qualification. The activity is approved for continuing education credit in the states of California and Florida.

HistoQIP Series

Learn more about (or purchase) specific HistoQIP educational programs:

Did you know that participation in the HistoQIP program affords you the opportunity to earn free CEs?

Need Help?

To purchase a HistoQIP program by phone or for more information regarding offerings, please call a CAP Customer Contact Center representative at 800-323-4040, option 1.