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NSH COVID-19 2021 Survey Results


COVID Survey ResultsThis is the fourth iteration of the COVID survey. It received 364 responses. This is compared to 704 responses in the first survey, 308 in the second and 192 in the third. The demographics for this iteration and the previous were similar; primarily those who work in community hospitals, followed by private labs, and research. Technician/Scientists made up the majority, with lab managers and supervisors to follow. This version of the survey focused on the impact of the vaccine and future ability to travel. 61.5% have already gotten the vaccine, with another 26.87% expected to get it. There are however lingering bans on travel, whether that be self/state imposed, or employer imposed. Even still, 37% reported no travel restrictions for 2021.

Have you personally experienced a job loss due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy?

As expected, the majority of respondents were working. 64% had had no change throughout, another 21% had previously been furloughed but returned to work. There was only 8.5% that had reduced work or were out of work. This is down from 21% in the third survey, which was conducted in late July. The number of people working remotely also went down, from 11.23% to 3.85%.

Has COVID had an impact on your lab's staffing?

More people here (10.5%) reported that their lab has reduced work, but only 5.77% (from the last question) reported that they themselves had reduced work. Similarly, 16% reported that their lab was short staffed, but from the last question, only 8.5% reported they were themselves out of work or reduced work.

COVID Survey Results

Participants gave this an average answer of 74 on a scale from 1 to 100, 1 being the least safe and 100 being the most safe, indicating a relatively high level of satisfaction with their employers’ precautions.

What is your level of work related stress during COVID compared to before?

62% of participants reported having some level of increase, with another 31.5% reporting no change and only 6% reporting decreased stress.

How has COVID Impacted Your Spending on Your Career?

44.7% of respondents reported no change in their career spending, however 34.7% reported not attending a conference or event they would usually attend and 13% did not renew a membership. The impact on online continuing education was minimal however, at 3.6% reporting some change in this category due to COVID.

How has COVID-19 affected you personally?

Only 15% of respondents indicated that COVID had not personally touched their lives in some way, with 8.5% having had it, 59.5% knowing someone who had it, and another 17% knowing someone who has died from it.

Do you plan on getting the COVID vaccine?

Only 11.63% of participants did not plan on getting the vaccine. 61.5% of respondents already haven gotten the vaccine, and another 26.87% are expected to get it.

Has your employer indicated that getting the COVID vaccine will be mandatory?

Only 5.23% reported that their employer would require them to get the vaccine. The majority (85.4%) said their employer would not mandate it.

Are there restrictions in place for your travel in 2021?

31% of respondents said that their employer has either banned or restricted travel for a portion of 2021. Another 31.67% are restricted by their state guidelines or their own decisions, while 37.22% reported no restrictions.

Check out NSH's COVID resources page for more information.