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The Histology Highlights of 2020


We’re very happy to be ringing in 2021 and wanted to close out 2020 by sharing some of the highlights from NSH’s year.

Top Webinar: NSH has a library of over 70 on-demand webinars that non-members and Core Education Member can purchase (they’re free to Enhanced Education Members). New webinars are added to this collection of cutting-edge content every month. The most popular on-demand webinar this year was Use of Immunohistochemistry to Determine Malignancy Type and Help Determine Site of Origin of Metastatic Tumors. This webinar discusses commonly used antibodies and algorithms for diagnosing tumors, as well as patterns of staining and choice of antibody clones.

Top Journal of Histotechnology Article: COVID-19’s impact this year has been devastating, but our NSH community banded together to make sure histologists who come in contact with tissue and participate in autopsies have the knowledge they need to do their jobs safely. The top article this year in the JOH was by Tony Henwood, titled, Coronavirus disinfection in histopathology. This article, published in February, served as a much needed early resource for those on the front lines. Since then, NSH has been curating a page of resources accessible for free on the NSH website.

The Histology Highlights of 2020Top Podcast: NSH’s podcast channel, HistoTalks, features all type of histology focused content, similar to this blog but in audio form! In 2020 we published interviews with our 2019 award winners, a troubleshooting mini-series called HistoHelp, a career series by histology recruiter Pam Barker, and our newest, poster podcast interviews from our Virtual Convention scientific poster presenters.

The most downloaded podcast this year was an interview we did with Freida Carson, the 2000 recipient of the NSH Histotech of the Decade Award, and the legendary author of the histology bible, Histotechnology: A Self Instructional Text. Click here to listen.

Top Blog Post: The most accessed blog post of 2020 was Histology FAQs: Certification, which provides some basic info on the routes to certification, the differences between HT and HTL certification, and how to decide which certification to pursue. Click here to read.

These didn’t take the top spot, here are a few other blog posts from this year that are favorites of this author.

Burnout in the Lab: This November post from AnnaStacia Penrod, BS, MBA, HTL (ASCP) talks about the stressors that plague us in the lab leading to burnout and provides tips for reducing stress and developing appropriate interventions.

Histology Movies to Watch While Quarantined: Unfortunately, still relevant 8 months later, this post from April reviews some movies in which histology is featured, to watch while stuck inside.

The Importance of Tissue Orientation: This post by Sheila Criswell discusses, you guessed it, the importance of tissue orientation! It’s not just an OCD thing, there are legitimate reasons why you should orient your tissue in a consistent way!

Histology Highlights of 2020

COVID’s Impact on Histology Programs: Students are the future of our profession as more and more techs reach retirement age. That’s why we reached out to some of our student members to get their perspective on how COVID has impacted their education!

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