Fixation on Histology

Women Voices: Creating a Competitive Global Workforce

women_in_histology.pngScientific progress is dependent upon solving complex problems and creating innovative solutions. When a scientific workforce is diverse it provides unique perspectives, experiences, and specializations that will allow it to stay competitive in the global scientific race. The National Society for Histotechnology is inspired by the contributions and unique perspectives of our women scientists. This year’s Women in Histology podcast series aims to highlight the important work being done in the lab and within the community so that the world can find solutions to the most difficult problems.

Our three stories this year include Dr. Elisa Balducci, Agilent Technologies. Dr. Balducci and NSH member (presenter, researcher, NSH award winner) Andrea Transou discuss Dr. Balducci's research journey with DYRK1A. Dr. Balducci’s journey in the lab teaches us that breakthroughs happen when they are not expected, and diverse perspectives allow us to identify those moments.

Haydee Lara, who was interviewed by her coworker and fellow NSH member David Krull – talks about her work not only as an investigator with the Cellular Biomarkers group at GSK, but also her passion and work as the STEM Education US Site lead. Her scientific talent and background elevates her research group and the impact of her volunteer work.

Our third voice in this series is Faith Rice, Senior Research Specialist from the University of Arizona to discuss Falloposcope, a project that will potentially save lives by providing early detection for ovarian cancer.  She was interviewed by NSH Board Member Michelle Bell.

To listen to these stories, visit our podcast site, HistoTalks.